Keto Dinners Ebook Bundle

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This bundle includes

  1. Everyday Keto Dinners
  2. Blog dinner recipes

This bundle Is a massive collection of over 50 delicious and simple keto friendly recipes. 

Everyday Keto Dinners

Are you sick of eating the same 4-5 dinners week in and week out since starting your keto lifestyle?

One of the keys to maintaining a ketogenic lifestyle long term is variety and simplicity. This is where Everyday Keto Dinners can make life easy for you.

  • 30 dinner recipes - 1 month of keto dinners giving you plenty of variety for dinner.

  • Macros calculated - Every recipe has  calories, net carbs, fat and protein calculated.

  • Simple and Delicious - Detailed step-by-step  instructions with tips where needed. 

To make it easier for anyone with food sensitivities or allergies, each recipe is highlighted if it is Nut free, dairy free, egg free and/or vegetarian.

  • 27 Nut free recipes
  • 23 Egg free recipes
  • 12 Dairy free recipes
  • 4 Vegetarian recipes

Blog Dinner Recipes

All the amazing dinner recipes from our website in one easy book!

This will make getting a healthy and tasty dinner on the table for your family every night quick and easy.